About a century ago, there was a man who attempted to utilize the power of the sun to run his machinery. His intent was to start the equipment and then maintain them by utilizing steam from the hot sunlight. A lot of scientists were impressed with his creation and started looking for other ways to utilize the energy from the sun. Since that landmar… Read More

There are a variety of positives when it comes to solar panels, especially since they harness the natural elements on earth to provide us with green energy. An added bonus is the fact that they're a renewable energy source, so it's not a resource that will run out. You may have been wondering whether or not you should get solar panels installed, in… Read More

Energis MelbourneSolar energy uses natural sunlight for its source. The rays of the sun are absorbed by photovoltaics, or solar panels, in order to generate heat or electricity. Solar panels are a great system for making electricity by taking energy from the sunlight, and converting it into electricity that can be used throughout your house. A sola… Read More

Individuals are often looking for ways to save money, and make their lives easier. Is solar energy something that you may want to investigate, or just a rip-off? Solar energy can be put to work to a number of different uses including electricity, heating, cooking, and many more. There are clear disadvantages to solar energy and you should be made a… Read More